Girls Can’t Skate - CNN 

“Girls Can’t Skate,” was shot over the course of nearly a year and comprises still portraits, GIFs and, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in New York, video interviews and virtual photo shoots. 

Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII

Last October I became part of Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII. 

During this intensive workshop, I  had the opportunity to develop a story on ”Queen of Swords”  a visual collaboration with Elma, owner of a hair salon of the same name located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. During the COVID-19 caused lockdown, Elma had to close her salon for almost four months and start doing virtual haircuts. Queen of Swords reopened again on June 30 and is following the recommended guidance to ensure safety.  

This September 13, Elma had her second donations-based “Haircuts In the Park” event, at Maria Hernandez Park. These $25-$100 haircuts help raise money for Club A Kitchen. 

Elma’s story  won the Bloomberg News Assignment Award at the 33rd Eddie Adams Workshop. 

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